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All proposals, quotations and sales of Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. ("CTS") (i) Products, (ii) custom-engineered test systems, instrumentation and equipment and/or (iii) standard test machines (collectively "Products" or “Product”) are governed by these terms and conditions of sale.  Acceptance by CTS of Buyer's Order or Buyer's acceptance of CTS' proposal is expressly limited to and conditioned upon Buyer's acceptance of, and assent to, these terms and conditions.  Any additional, inconsistent or different terms and conditions contained in Buyer's purchase order or other documents submitted by Buyer to CTS at any time, whether before or after the date hereof, are hereby expressly rejected by CTS.  Buyer acknowledges that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in its purchase order or other documents, receipt and acceptance by Buyer of the Products shall constitute acceptance by Buyer of these terms and conditions.  All orders are subject to acceptance in writing by CTS at its office at 5555 Dry Fork Road, Cleves, Ohio  45002.

所有辛辛那提测试系统有限公司制定(“CTS”)的方案、报价和销售中的(i)各类产品、(ii)各种定制的系统、仪器、设备和/或(iii)各种标准的测试设备都应当满足本《销售条款和条件》。在买方的订单中CTS同意的条款、CTS的方案中买方提到的一些要求,不管是否完全受控于买方的约束,都必须满足本《销售条款和条件》。不管何时包含在买方采购订单或是其它的文档中的不一致的条款和条件,无论在签署之日前还是之后,CTS都对此表示完全拒绝。所有的主张,包括但不限于在双方的订单中、其它文档中、发票中等的要求都必须满足本《销售条款和条件》。所有的订单都要满足这个在CTS公司所在地-5555 DRY FORK ROAD, CLEVES OHIO, 45003-官方发布的本《销售条款和条件》。


CTS reserves the right to designate the method and means of shipment




Unless notice of defect, nonconformity or disparity in quantity (as compared to shipping manifest) is received by CTS within thirty (30) days from receipt of the

Products by Buyer, the Products shall be deemed to be accepted by Buyer. 




All quotations or proposals are for a gauged system for measuring production parts in a production environment.  Performance of the custom engineered test systems will be tested and documented with a standard Gage R&R study performed at CTS as part of run-off procedures prior to shipment.  Such testing and qualification is independent of any Buyer part variation or production environment variables.  Unless expressly stated to the contrary, quotations do not include time for "Process Capability Studies" using production parts.  CTS will ensure that fixturing will not introduce unacceptable variations in the testing process. 


For custom-engineered test systems, Buyer will be given two weeks advance notification of the intended run-off date.  At such time Buyer may inspect the Products.  After inspection and acceptance by Buyer's representative at run-off ownership transfers, the Products will be shipped and payment will be due as quoted.  If Buyer elects to waive the inspection, the Products will be deemed to have met the Buyer's requirements and the Products will be shipped and payment will be due as quoted. 



Buyer's purchase order, when accepted by CTS, shall not, for any reason, be canceled in whole or in part by Buyer without CTS' prior written consent.  If CTS consents to cancellation, Buyer shall pay CTS reimbursement for all the applicable costs incurred and the reasonable allowance for profit as stated by CTS in its written consent to cancellation by Buyer. 




Stocked Products   CTS will accept returns on stocked products that are in new condition (have not been used or damaged) if returned within 60 days of receipt. Customers will be assessed a 25% restocking charge on all accepted returns.  CTS will determine, after receipt and careful inspection, whether or not to accept a product for return/credit.  Returns/Credits will NOT be processed on used or damaged products.   Used or damaged product received from customers will be returned to the customer promptly with an explanation as to why they were not accepted.  Instrument Orders   CTS will accept returns on standard instruments that are in new condition (have not been used or damaged) if returned within 60 days of receipt. Customers will be assessed a 30% restocking charge on all accepted returns.  CTS will determine, after receipt and careful inspection, whether or not to accept a product for return/credit.    Custom Orders   CTS will NOT accept returns on custom parts, instruments, or machines.



Standard electrical and pneumatic schematic prints and one copy of "Operating Instructions" are provided for each Product.



If Buyer requires changes to be made to the Products, once a design of the Product is proposed and accepted, the additional engineering time, material and shop time required for fabrication as a result of the change will be subject to negotiation and additional charges will be invoiced accordingly for the negotiated amount.



The Products will be designed and manufactured to meet CTS' interpretation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act ("OSHA").  Specific Buyer requirements are not included as part of any quotation or proposal unless the specified requirements were included in the request for quotation or proposal.  After a quotation or proposal is submitted, any other requirements shall be a supplement to the quotation or proposal or be the subject of a new contract, and the price for such requirements shall be subject to negotiation.  While the Products have been designed to conform to CTS' interpretation of applicable OSHA standards, such compliance is neither warranted nor guaranteed.  Compliance with OSHA requirements is the sole responsibility of Buyer, and CTS assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by Buyer relative to compliance with OSHA regulations. 

产品的设计和制造,仅满足CTS自己的职业安全和健康行为解释(“OSHA”)。特殊的买方要求并不包括在报价或是方案里,除非特殊的要求已经包含在报价和方案中。 一个报价或是方案被确认后,任何其它的要求都应当被曾补到报价或是方案中。或者隶属于一个新的合同,这些需求的价格需要双方协商制定。当产品的设计已经满足CTS的适当的OSHA的标准解释,其它的诉求CTS既不保证,也不保修。满足OSHA要求的诉求是买方自己的职责,CTS不承担与买方自己相关的OHSA规定的诉求中所带来的赔偿损失。



Sound levels produced by the Products quoted or proposed will not exceed 80 dba when measured at the operator's position and three feet around the perimeter of the Products.  When sound levels exceed 80 dba due to the characteristics of the part being assembled or tested, special provisions which are not part of the initial quotation or proposal will be made wherever possible to reduce the sound level.  Such alterations to reduce sound level will be charged to Buyer separately.  In the event of a conflict between noise specifications and preferred equipment, design specification waivers must be granted.  When the Instrument is of a design or manufacture which may be subject to state or municipal ordinances or insurance company regulations, such Products will be designed and manufactured in accordance with generally accepted practices and will be adequately tested.  Unless expressly stated in the quotation or proposal, the Products will not be designed or manufactured to conform to any particular ordinance or regulation.

报价或方案里的产品,在其操作位置和产品边缘以外3英尺的位置测量时,所产生的声音等级不超过80dba, 当由于被测试或装配的工件的特性而产生的声音等级超过80dba的,在可能减少声音等级的地方,一些不包含在最初报价和方案里的特殊装备将需要被使用。这些用于减少声音等级的变化将向买方单独报价。一旦在噪音规格和首选的设备冲突时,设计规格的放弃必须被认为是理所当然的。当仪器的设计或是制造满足州或市的条例,或是保险公司的规章时,这个产品将按照通常的可接受的惯例来设计和制造,并作适当的测试。除非在报价或是方案里明确声明,否则这些产品将不会按照任何特殊的法令和规章来设计或制造。

   CTS assumes no liability for the failure of the products to comply with any particular ordinance or regulation unless the quotation or proposal expressly warrants that the products will conform to said ordinance or regulation.  It is the responsibility of the buyer upon inspection at the CTS facility to inform CTS of nonconformance with a particular safety or design standard.  Upon inspection by buyer or waiver of inspection by buyer, CTS is released from any and all liability for failure of the equipment to conform to safety or design standards. 


   CTS不承担,产品因为要遵从任何特殊的法令或是规章,所带来的失败的责任,除非报价或是方案里保证,我们的产品将要按照所说的法令和规章设计和制造。 买方有责任在CTS工厂检验并告知CTS那些设备上不能满足的特殊的安全或是设计标准。一旦被买方检验或是放弃检验,CTS不负责一切,因为设备不能遵照安全或是设计标准而带来的失败的所有责任。


   TCS.5 4/26/07























CTS warrants that the Products, under normal and proper use, shall be free from defects in material and workmanship that impair its usefulness, for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment.  Other manufacturers' component parts installed in or on the Products are products of reputable manufacturers sold to CTS under their respective brand or trade names and shall carry the standard guarantee of the manufacturer thereof, if any, and CTS shall not be responsible for any defective part thereof. 


All tests performed on Buyer’s manufactured products are performed pursuant to the Buyer’s specifications for its manufactured products, and by performing such tests CTS shall not assume any liability for defects in such manufactured products, test data or test specifications.  Buyer has ultimate responsibility for the safety of Buyer’s manufactured product, including establishment of leak standards. It is Buyer's obligation to report any suspected defect as soon as possible after discovery.  Support service will be provided as soon as practicable to work with Buyer's personnel to remedy a suspected defect.  If a service person is required to visit Buyer’s site, a purchase order from Buyer to CTS will be required to cover the cost of such service call in the event that the item serviced is not covered by the applicable warranty.  No on-site service is available for standard test machines unless the cost is prepaid by Buyer. If support service is not successful in correcting the problem, the Products shall be returned to CTS at Buyer's cost.  Products may not be returned without obtaining prior authorization from CTS.  All Products returned for warranty inspection must be securely packaged and shipped prepaid.  The Products will be inspected upon receipt for shipping damage and Buyer shall be notified by CTS if such damage has occurred.  In the event of damage, it is Buyer's responsibility to notify and file damage claims with the delivery company.  After receipt of Products at the CTS facility in Cleves, Ohio, and inspection by CTS, CTS will determine the extent or existence of defect. 

对买方产品的测试,必须参照买方产品的技术规格,且对于这个测试,CTS不会承担任何,关于产品的缺陷,测试数据,测试规格的任何责任。买方应对自己产品的安全负全部的责任,包括泄漏标准的建立。发现潜在的缺陷后,买方有义务尽快地报告这个缺陷。我们将尽最大的努力和买方一起弥补这个潜在的缺陷。如果要求服务人员到买方现场,此服务项目不在保修行列中,那么就要求买方向CTS提供一个包含服务费用采购订单。除非买方支付费用,否则标准的测试设备不支持现场服务。如果服务支持不能成功的解决问题,这些产品应该返回到CTS,买方支付相应费用。 如果没有获得来自于CTS的返厂许可,这些产品可能被退回。所有的保修的返厂产品必须有可靠的包装,买方付清运费。产品将被检查看有没有运输损坏,如果发货前就有损坏,买方应该告知CTS。倘若运输中损坏,对货运公司的通告和提交损坏索赔是买方自己的责任。送到CTS的Cleves, Ohio工厂的产品,经检测后,CTS将决定是否存在损失和损失的程度。

CTS' obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at CTS' option, any defective non‑consumable parts.  Consumable parts are specifically excluded from this warranty, including but not limited to lamps, elastomers, seals, valve seats, and other wear surfaces.  This warranty is conditioned upon Buyer furnishing satisfactory evidence that the Products alleged to be defective has been properly maintained and correctly operated under normal conditions with competent supervision and within the operating limits for which such Products are offered and sold.  This warranty shall not apply to any Product that has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect or improper storage, handling or maintenance, or modifications or repairs by any party other than CTS.  The installation of the Products must include proper filter and moisture separation on the incoming air supply.  Repairs required to remove foreign material from the valves or test circuit will not be covered under the terms of this warranty. 


Except as expressly stated in this warranty section, CTS makes no warranty, express or implied, whether of mercantibility or fitness for a particular purpose or use or otherwise, with respect to any products. 




In no event shall CTS be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, including without limitation damages for injury to person or property, lost profits or revenue, lost sales or loss arising from or pertaining to the use of any Products.  Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy against CTS and its distributors or sales representatives shall be the repair or replacement of defective parts as provided herein.  CTS' liability on any claim, whether in contracts, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with Buyer's order, shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the Products actually paid to CTS by Buyer. 



Buyer hereby covenants that the Products sold hereunder shall be operated by Buyer's employees and agents utilizing all guards, warning signs and other safety devices that are provided with or are a part of the Products.  In addition to any other rights CTS may have against Buyer for breach of this covenant, no warranty on the Products whatever, expressed or implied, shall be applicable in the event such covenant is breached.  Buyer further agrees:  (i) that disconnections, disassembly or nonuse of any of the guards, warning signs or other safety devices provided with or which are part of the Products constitute a substantial change in the Products; and (ii) that it shall indemnify and hold harmless CTS from all claims for damages and injuries made by any and all parties through the use of such substantially changed Products.




If CTS personnel are required to supervise, check installation, make adjustments, inspect or repair Products in the field, there will be charges based on the then current hourly rate for in-plant time plus travel time and travel and living expenses.  Extra charges may apply for overtime, Saturday, Sunday and holidays.  Travel time and expenses are charged to and from the CTS facility in Cleves, Ohio.  The repair or replacement of parts will be charged in addition to services performed, unless parts are covered under the CTS warranty.

如果要求CTS的员工外出去指导,检查安装,做调整,检验或维修产品。这些都将基于当前通用的工时费报价,包括在工厂的时间、旅途时间和差旅费、生活费。超时,周六日和假期可以加收费用。旅途时间和费用的报价,将来自于CTS facility in Cleves, Ohio。维修或替换的零件将额外收钱,除非这些配件属于CTS的保修范围。



Any tax imposed by any present or future law of Federal, State or any other governmental authority on the manufacture and/or sale of the Products covered by a CTS quotation or proposal shall be added to the amount paid by Buyer. 



Buyer shall pay the purchase price as stipulated in the attached proposal, and shall in no event exceed thirty (30) days after acceptance of the Products to make full payments. 




All proposals, quotations and sales of Products shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio, USA. The applicability of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods is hereby expressly excluded. Any legal action or proceeding arising from or in connection with a proposal, quotation or sale of an Instrument shall be brought exclusively in the courts of Hamilton County, Ohio, USA or in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and shall not be transferred or removed to any other court, provided, however, that CTS may commence an action in any jurisdiction where Buyer or its assets may be located, for an injunction, collection or similar relief to enforce the provisions hereof.

所有的方案,报价和产品的销售都应当受美国Ohio州的法律控制和解释,联合国大会的关于国际货物销售协议的适用性被特此明确排除在外。任何与方案、报价或是仪器的销售有关的法律行为或是诉讼,都只能提交到Hamilton County, Ohio, USA or in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio。且这些法律行为或诉讼不能被转移或是转换到任何其它法院,不管怎样,即使CTS是在买方或是其资产方所在的任何管辖范围内,根据一个强制令、托收或类似的措施去开始一个法律行动,都应按照此条款执行。



WAR.3 3/20/06